How to Celebrate and Retain Housekeeping Staff

How to Celebrate and Retain Housekeeping Staff

Trends | 9/15/2022

During the week of September 11 – 17, 2022, housekeepers across the globe are being recognized for the essential services they provide through their profession. International Housekeepers and Environmental Services Week, which began in 1981, is a special week dedicated to the hard-working men and women who make a positive difference in our world.

Housekeeping professionals impact all areas of business—from factory operations and technology corporations to the ever-expanding industries of hospitality and healthcare. They also provide steadfast and quality housecleaning support for school systems, vacation rental properties, and millions of families.


How to Celebrate and Retain Housekeeping Staff

Every housekeeping employee holds a key to success for homes, businesses, and organizations. Your key to success is celebrating and retaining staff who are quality employees. As you celebrate the housecleaning staff for this special week with luncheons, award ceremonies, gifts, or bonuses, below are five suggestions to help you celebrate your employees all year…and hopefully beyond!


Recognition for a job well done is important to employees, regardless of occupation. Recognition at team meetings, through company-wide notices or personal letters of commendation, is always appreciated by employees. 

Does a housekeeper on your staff have a “Golden Touch?” Reward them with monetary gifts such as “gold” gift cards or present them with gold jewelry, watches, or plaques inscribed with wording that honors their work.


Housekeepers ARE professionals and should be respected for their work. When an individual is treated as a professional in their job occupation, they will likely complete tasks in a professional manner. Employees are also more likely to remain at a company that fosters a professional environment.


Housekeeping personnel are interested in growth opportunities. Potential options for career growth could involve training certification, participating in a process improvement program, receiving education credits—even offering a career track to promotions, incentive awards, and salary increases. 


What better way to show confidence and respect for hard work than to award a day off or flexibility in an employee’s work schedule. Although housekeeping personnel operate on tight deadlines and nonstop turnover, allowing for a well-deserved day off, a chance to leave work early or come in later can elicit company loyalty and pure joy in those who often work a rigid schedule with little or no vacation. 


An admirable way to show respect for the housekeeping occupation is to provide high-quality products and streamlined processes for task efficiency. As an example, we at 1concier use identification threads on bed linens for easy sheeting, and for towel identification, they use color and size differences for various departments.


Flat and fitted bed linens are marked with various colored threads so that the size of a sheet and its placement on the bed can be easily identified. Additionally, an even hem and a label placed in the bottom center of all sheets allow housekeepers to prepare bedding with clean, crisp lines.

For towels, 1Concier uses color coding and sizing to allow for immediate identification and proper placement in housekeeping, the fitness department,  spa, and the pool department. The coding formula is simple and quick: 

White towels = housekeeping

12x40 towels with colored dobby = fitness

Bright vat dyed colors towels = pool 

For a history of the housekeeping profession and ways to reward great work, visit www.nationaltoday.com &  https://www.ieha.org/ihw


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