Choose 1Concier’s colorGUARD Technology for Table Linens that Last

Choose 1Concier’s colorGUARD Technology for Table Linens that Last

Trends | 10/31/2022

How do you manufacture a fabric to slow the aging process? This question has plagued the linen industry for years, so 1Concier turned to our Riegel Linen division to engineer a process that redefines expectations. We can now offer our clients access to a superior linen product that is proven to save companies time, money, and resources annually.

Allow us to introduce you to colorGUARD TechnologyTM — a proprietary manufacturing process within our line of Riegel Linen that we perform before fabric formation that makes colors a part of the DNA of the fabric. This process secures the color and ensures its stability throughout multiple wash and dry cycles. You will quickly learn that our Riegel Linen products are by far the most high-quality, durable, and beautiful linen fabrics on the market today.


Exceeding Expectations 

Committed to high quality and exceptional service, Riegel Linen by 1Concier produces fine table linens for commercial laundries. We offer industry-leading napkins, tablecloths, placemats, skirting, and specialty linens. Our products are engineered to thrive in commercial laundering environments, giving our customers great quality and value.


Always Meeting Industry Needs

The team at 1Concier recognized a need in the hospitality and linen markets for a product that doesn’t change color after repeated washes. It’s common knowledge that that spun textile products, including table linens such as napkins and tablecloths, undergo color changes when washed repeatedly. As a result, when commercial launderers deliver washed and clean linens back to restaurants or hotels, the colors have faded, changed, or look different from one another.

Providing Linen Solutions

1Concier answered this industry-wide need with a top-tier solution called colorGUARD TechnologyTM . Once we began offering our clients access to our linens produced with colorGUARD TechnologyTM, laundry facilities saw annual savings by reducing cost replacement by 80% and reducing labor costs by eliminating shade sorting. The colorGuard Technology also is superior at removing stains in table linens, ultimately ensuring that linens look fresh and new for a longer amount of time. 


Proven, Real-Time Results

1Concier is trusted to provide solutions for companies across the hospitality industry and we have the data to prove it.  When one company was looking for a new supplier to address their linen challenges, they turned from traditional linens to Riegel Linen colorGUARD TechnologyTM, and below are the real-time results documented over the first 12 months.

A savings of $48,000 on napkins alone

Elimination of extra staff costs due to color sorting

Optimization of facility to run more efficiently

Receipt of napkins that are uniform in color, delivered promptly, and maintained new look due to lack of color fade shading. 

On average, the number of washes for a typical table napkin increased from 15 to over 70. (This number is expected to increase)

Why Choose 1Concier

Our colorGUARD TechnologyTM is only one of the many reasons to choose 1Concier for your linen needs. When you choose 1Concier as your business partner, you will receive a suite of services that we promise will meet—and exceed—your expectations. We promise every customer will have access to only the finest in-house experts, product innovation, world class service, optimized inventory, launch roadmap and dedicated customer service.

Let colorGUARD Technology Brighten Your Business

Please reach out today for a personal consultation with our skilled sales and customer service teams. You will receive white glove treatment — and a chance for great savings — with one call. At 1Concier, we have you covered


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