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As an expert in hospitality, you know that beautiful linen can elevate your diners'...

Which Terry Best Suits Your Hotel? Pick from 1Concier’s Everyday, Classic, or Luxury

Trends | 12/15/2022

In this article, you will learn about Everyday, Classic, Luxury terry, link to examples of 1Concier terry product lines and understand how terry products are manufactured to fit the style and budgets of hotels, nursing homes & commercial laundry of every size.

8 Brilliant Ways to Add Luxury to Your Hotel

Trends | 11/16/2022

This article will outline eight ways proven to upgrade your hotel’s atmosphere from standard to luxury. It also provides descriptions and links to the very products that 1Concier supplies to its high-end luxury hotel customers in the U.S. and abroad.

1Concier: Born to Redefine Expectations

Trends | 10/31/2022

1Concier has been formed from the merger of Riegel Linen, T-Y Group, and Harbor Linen. Combined, we are the number one choice for your linen products. We deliver quality products, a wide selection, deep inventory, and value no one can match.

Choose 1Concier’s colorGUARD Technology for Table Linens that Last

Trends | 10/31/2022

Learn about 1Concier's colorGUARD TechnologyTM — a proprietary manufacturing process within our line of Riegel Linen that we perform before fabric formation that makes colors a part of the DNA of the fabric. This process secures the color and ensures its stability throughout multiple wash and dry cycles. You will quickly learn that our Riegel Linen products are by far the most high-quality, durable, and beautiful linen fabrics on the market today.

How to Celebrate and Retain Housekeeping Staff

Trends | 9/15/2022

As you celebrate the housecleaning staff for this special week with luncheons, award ceremonies, gifts, or bonuses, below are five suggestions to help you celebrate your employees all year…and hopefully beyond!

The Global Supply Chain and the Hospitality Industry

Trends | 10/8/2021

We cover this international supply chain crises in detail so you can better understand how this will affect all businesses and what you can do mitigate the issues.

Restaurants Trends That You Can Incorporate with Simple Table Linen Updates

Trends | 9/23/2021

We explain three big trends in restaurant and event design that you can implement with color and design changes in linen.

Recycling and Sustainability in Hospitality

Sustainability | 9/16/2021

Learn how the hopsitality industry can spin recycled water bottles into products you can use for your hotel!

4 Top Design Trends In Long-term Care Facilities

Trends | 9/8/2021

These 4 design trends will help you create a warm, hospitable environment for your residents.

Triple Sheeting - How Hotels Make Beds with 3 Sheets

Trends | 9/2/2021

Learn the classic triple sheeting technique hotels have come to love.