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Innovation at 1Concier

At 1Concier, our hallmark is a cumulative 500+ years of industry-leading expertise embedded in our Global Sourcing, Production, and Quality teams. Spanning diverse textile domains like Home, Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, Apparel, Footwear, and Headwear, our team members bring cutting-edge innovation, functionality, and style to our customers. We possess an unparalleled understanding of processes, products, markets, and, most crucially, our customers’ needs.

Expanding our knowledge base, we forge strategic partnerships with esteemed textile universities, 3rd party laboratories, and laundries across the USA. Collaborating in research, testing, problem-solving, issue resolution, and ensuring customer satisfaction, we uphold rigorous standards through a unique blend of on-site auditing, Mill Partners’ internal efforts, and Globally Accredited 3rd Party audit and laboratory testing.
Quality is paramount for us, serving as the primary criterion in the biannual Vendor Scorecard, reflecting our unwavering commitment to excellence. Our global supply chain grants us access to the finest mills worldwide, transforming suppliers into valued partners. This approach fosters a deep understanding of our customers, business dynamics, and the evolving market landscape. We prioritize fewer, stronger partnerships, driven by commitment and nimbleness in responding to market changes.
Simultaneously, our ability to source from emerging markets allows us to offer cost benefits and industry-leading innovation to our customers. Beyond global sourcing, we actively contribute to the growth of American jobs and businesses, ensuring a truly global outlook in our product innovation, development, and production through significant partnerships in the USA.
With international teams and offices in China, Mexico, and Colombia complementing our Fort Lauderdale corporate headquarters, we ensure a blend of the best and brightest minds driving innovation in products, processes, and services. Our diverse staff, hailing from over a dozen international countries, forms a global team with a unique vision and focus.
From our innovation and logistics hub in Shanghai to our strategically aligned Quality assurance partners, our commitment resonates through our corporate office and extends to select partners globally. At 1Concier, we infuse confidence, quality, reliability, and unparalleled value into every facet of our operations.

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