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Custom Design

Amplify Your Brand with Custom Design

Amplify your brand identity with our bespoke custom embroidery options. Personalize robes, slippers, and even nonwoven bags with your logo, adding a unique touch to your property’s offerings. Whether opting for on-site or factory embroidery, our diverse choices cater to your specific needs, providing flexibility in minimum order quantities. Extend your branding to lounge chair covers, pool towels, and linens, embracing RFID technology for efficient inventory management. Let your linens tell a story of elegance with various embroidery styles, and transform your textiles into timeless pieces that reflect the essence of your brand.
Personalize your robes with embroidery, with the option to embroider some robes in the US, we can offer a lower minimum order quantity. Alternatively, certain robes are embroidered at the factory, resulting in a slightly extended order lead time.
For all slippers, embroidery occurs at the factory, requiring a longer lead time. As an added touch, you can also include a stylish nonwoven bag featuring your logo.
Transform your top sheet, duvet, and pillowcases into timeless pieces of elegance with our custom embroidery offerings. Choose from various styles, including single, double, or triple lines, delicate dotted patterns, intricate cable designs, and opulent luxury cables.
Enhance your property’s branding effortlessly by incorporating your logo onto lounge chair covers or pool towels. Opt for embroidery, which offers a smaller minimum order quantity, or choose Jacquard for a factory-made option with a higher minimum order quantity.

Our linens, terry products, and robes can feature custom RFID chips by request. RFID technology streamlines inventory management, enhances operations, and allows you to gain precise control over your supplies. RFID tracks every item, reducing search time for misplaced pieces and enabling effortless re-ordering. Our RFID chips will work with your existing software.

All custom personalized creations require a minimum order quantity and a formal contract. Please consult your Sales Representative, who will curate a customized embroidery proposal.

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1Concier has been a proud partner of Avendra as an approved supplier since 2007. 1Concier was formed from the merger
1Concier has been a proud partner of Avendra as an approved supplier since 2007. 1Concier was formed from the merger
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