Committed to Sustainability

Committed to Sustainability

Sustainability | 12/19/2019

Protecting our environment and the future of the planet is making headlines around the world and has become a primary concern for both consumers and industry. In fact, surveys show that 78% of U.S. consumers and 84% of global consumers prefer to buy responsibly produced items whenever possible.

T-Y Group & Harbor Linen, as well as the vendors we choose to work with, are right in step with this eco-conscious revolution. Through both production efficiencies and innovative technologies, we focus on reducing consumption and reusing resources every step of the way, from the cotton growing in the fields to the final shipment to your door.

Cotton raised on American family arms

Some of our products are made with cotton ethically raised on American family farms. Their advanced conservation techniques reduce water use by 82%, soil loss by 44%, land use by 31%, energy consumption by 38%, and greenhouse gas emissions by 30% over standard growing practices. The overall impact of these numbers encourages other American family farms to convert to these eco-friendly techniques.

Environmental management certificates

Many of our manufacturers hold environmental management certificates — such as ISO14001 — which guarantee their adherence to sustainability principles. To protect groundwater reserves, water is recycled as much as possible, rainwater is harvested, and any water released back into the environment is first treated to remove polluting chemicals. To reduce energy consumption, factories use heat recycling, renewable energy sources, and eco-friendly temperature control. To solve the problem of plastic waste, they have switched to bio-degradable polybags.

Their combined effects on the environment are impressive. Approximately 8 million gallons of water are treated per day before release into the environment, and 62 million gallons of water are recycled per year. Greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced by more than 8,000 tons per year. They even help restore the environment by planting more than 14 acres of new forest every year.

T-Y Group & Harbor Linen do our part by minimizing the impact that shipping and transportation make on the environment. We have shortened our supply chain to minimize fossil fuel consumption. Plus, we use bale packaging which is 83% lighter than cardboard, thus reducing load weight and fuel waste.

We have shortened our supply chain to

minimize fossil fuel consumption.


Review our assortment of products with special sustainability properties 

Last but not least, our products are made to the highest standards of durability and longevity. They won't have to be replaced as often, which eliminates the need for more manufacturing, shipping and disposing in landfills.


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