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1Concier’s customers in the healthcare market represent buying groups, long-term care, and assisted living facilities, such as Spring Arbor Senior Living and Pruitt Health. We are proud members of the Pennsylvania Healthcare Association, Healthcare Association of New Jersey, and Navigator/MHA GPO.
Our extensive collection includes Bed Linen, Terry, Patient Apparel, Clothing Protectors, Incontinence Products, Cubicle Curtains, Window Treatments, and Table Linen.
We understand that creating an exceptional experience for residents is key to the success of your managed care facility. As a healthcare facility, your top priority is to provide a comfortable and healing environment for residents. At 1Concier, our healthcare textiles are crafted with utmost care to ensure comfort, durability, and stain resistance, making them strong enough to withstand the challenges of industrial laundering.
What truly sets us apart is the unique 1Concier difference.  At 1Concier, we boast an in-house team of experts, ensuring optimized inventory, product innovation, and world-class service.
Our linen solution is designed to enhance your efficiency and maximize your operations and ROI, all while helping you curate comfortable resident experiences.


Recognized experts provide leadership and an innovative approach to product and service development.


Utilize leading inventory management solutions to help plan and allocate inventory exactly where you need it.


Solutions engineered specifically for the hospitality industry: durability, sustainability, and aesthetics.


We work around the clock to exceed expectations and optimize your operation.

Your business is our priority.

Let us do the hard work so you can focus on your residents!

Our commitment to consistent product quality, coupled with timely access to a wide range of products and custom orders, ensures that you receive exceptional offerings at competitive prices.

1Concier’s effortless ordering process happens through our team of Account Executives and Customer Success Representatives, and our intuitive eCommerce site empowers you to reorder, access account history, and effortlessly track your orders. Our dedicated team of experts provides guidance and solutions for a wide range of issues to help optimize your members’ linen program.

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1Concier has been a proud partner of Avendra as an approved supplier since 2007. 1Concier was formed from the merger
1Concier is a leader in the hospitality, healthcare, and commercial laundry industries, committed to providing exceptional customer service since 1838.
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