Company Updates | 3/30/2021

In the Fall of 2020,  T-Y Group & Harbor Linen was acquired by Lion Equity Partners from Bed Bath & Beyond. The months since then have been busy and exciting ones as we develop new strategies for becoming a true one-stop-shop with even better service. (To learn more about the acquisition, read this announcement.)

In this article, we'll share our most significant moves and how they will benefit our customers in the hotel, cruise line, restaurant, linen supply, and healthcare industries.


The biggest news is that we are merging with Riegel Linen. Another recent acquisition of Lion Equity, this respected company was a perfect fit, with each of us adding to the strengths of the other.

Merger of Companies

Riegel's history dates back to 1912 when Benjamin D. Riegel bought several declining 1800s-era cotton mills in Georgia and South Carolina and named the new company Trion. It flourished throughout the Great Depression, contributed military uniforms to the World War II effort, expanded into apparel and bedding in the 1950s, and denim in the 1980s. By the 2000s, Riegel Linen had become a standalone company providing high-quality textile products to the hospitality, linen rental, and healthcare markets.

History of Riegel

Our combined portfolio includes a comprehensive selection of hotel textiles — from guest room linens to table linens to bath towels and robes — as well as specialty items for spas and care facilities. It enables us to create a cohesive story for every aspect of our customer's business, as well as sharing our pool of textile expertise.


Another major shift will be in how a customer interacts with our sales reps. In this new structure, the reps' responsibilities will change from an area of expertise to a physical territory. Customers will only have to deal with one rep, whatever questions they have or products they want to order. One call does it all!

Sales Reps Calls

This new territorial alignment will allow each rep to become familiar with the unique needs of their territory — climate, activities, types of travel, and so on. They will be able to customize their service and sales approach to prioritize the product offerings best suited to their customers.

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John Hanson, Vice President of Corporate Accounts and Procurement, says, "Moving our account executives to a singular geographic territory is going to ultimately benefit everyone. First off, AEs can now be confident the accounts in their territory will be theirs to grow, manage and sell. It will also give them the opportunity to get involved in the area, perhaps in trade organizations or local chamber of commerce events. They will be experts not only in textiles but also in the territory and area they manage."

Barbara Alberto, Regional Sales Director, adds, "This is our largest realignment ever. Every single state is covered." With no gaps in representation, customers should be able to reach us quickly and easily, wherever they are.


During this transition, the original sales rep will remain a contact point until the new rep becomes familiar with the customer's history, requirements, and preferences. Customers can count on the same level of support throughout the process.

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The hospitality industry is recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic. Rob Will says that orders in the last couple of weeks are almost back to 2019 levels. With the new realignment in place, we're prepared to manage the rush more efficiently than ever.

"It's nice to see things getting better," he concludes. "And it's nice to know that we'll be right on top of our customers' accounts every step of the way."


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