How to Keep Hotel Bedding, Pillows & Mattresses Clean and Protected

How to Keep Hotel Bedding, Pillows & Mattresses Clean and Protected

Product Care | 4/20/2021

A recent survey revealed that when it comes to choosing hotels, guests are prioritizing cleanliness. The survey also revealed that 81 percent of guests preferred hotels with enhanced cleaning protocols and standards. Trends in the hospitality industry are clearly indicating that clean is the new green.

Clean is the New Green

While contactless technology and sanitized spaces help guests get to their rooms safely, there are a few steps you can take to present a welcoming and sanitized bedroom. One of the top cleanliness signals for guests turns out to be the condition of the linen. Let’s look at how you can keep your hotel bedding, pillows, and mattresses clean and protected.

How To Sanitize Hotel Room Beds

Guests' expectations have changed, sanitized spaces are a must. They want to know everything when it comes to hotel hygiene. From the brand of cleaning product to the added safety measures put in place. The more you do, the more confident your guests feel to book and even rebook.

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Hotel room items such as pillows and duvets can trap contaminants. Unfortunately, cleaning them regularly with heat and water can ruin the filling, causing it to clump and break down.

Duvet Clumping

A cost-saving, yet quality alternative is to use a specially designed protective cover. These can handle regular washing along with daily linen. Antimicrobial bedding protectors add to the measures taken to protect guests, killing pathogens on contact. Antimicrobial protectors help keep hotel guests safe from infection.

There are a few key items in hotel rooms that can benefit from an added layer of protection.

Mattress Protector

Did you know, we produce on average around 26 gallons of sweat in our beds every year. Not a pretty picture when you consider just how many travelers use the same bed.

Yeast, mold, viruses, and bacteria, including E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus, are all part of the reason why protecting the mattress is essential.

Quality mattress protectors are waterproof, yet breathable and soft. They add comfort and luxuriousness to the bed and are almost seen as an added layer of comfort.

Mattress Protector

CleanRest Mattress Protector

The CleanRest mattress protector is designed with patented MicronOne waterproof fabric. Tested and proven to block viruses and bacteria, it is the best option to keep your mattresses hygienic.

These top-of-the-range mattress protectors also guard against spills, sweat, and even incontinence. Soft, breathable, and noiseless, the sleep surface fabric promotes a good night’s rest.

  • Fitted sheet style mattress protector
  • 10-Year commercial warranty
  • Waterproof sleep surface - Patented MicronOne waterproof
  • Offers protection against allergens and dust mites
  • Soft, quiet, and breathable fabric 
  • Hotel quality optic-white fabric
  • Fabric: 100% Polyester
  • Waterproofing: Polyurethane membrane

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Duvet Insert Protector

Duvet inserts are notoriously hard to clean. The inserts contain fluffy filling material, and while this can be washed and will withstand multiple wash cycles, there is a limit. It is definitely not suited and built for daily washing compared to hospitality sheets and towels.

Put your guests at ease while simultaneously preserving your inserts by adding waterproof duvet protectors. These shields protect the insert from sweat, spills, and germs with waterproof and antimicrobial material.


Are you going the extra mile for your guests? Tell guests about your care. Add a small note in the room to indicate the extra measure you are taking to increase their comfort.

Guests will want to know about your special room features. It will make them feel more comfortable using the entire space without caution or concern. You can also mention your added hygiene investments in your listing descriptions.

Duvet Shield

Antimicrobial Duvet Shield

This waterproof duvet protector is made of antimicrobial material to keep bacteria and viruses at bay. It offers an ideal solution by providing an additional barrier protecting the duvet insert from sweat, spills, liquids, and contamination.

The right duvet protector provides a layer of breathable comfort that still offers that feeling of luxury. This protector features a durable, zippered closure to completely protect your filling for years to come.

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Cost-savings add up when duvet inserts last longer and don’t need to be replaced as often as without protectors.

  • Antimicrobial material
  • 100% Poly shield
  • Waterproof
  • Secured zippered closure
  • Duvet protector has loops and ties

Pillow Protectors

Pillows are the number one concern for guests when it comes to shared bedroom items. Some guests even go as far as to bring their own pillows.

Pillowcases are too thin to stop liquids and sweat from passing through. The secret to maintaining pillow quality and hygiene is to use a quality pillow protector from the start. If you’re in the process of replacing old pillows, check out our complete guide to selecting and maintaining hotel pillows.

Don't allow sweat, bacteria, and viruses to enter the fill of the pillow. This allows for accumulation, smells, and stains - completely unacceptable in a hotel.

The best pillow protectors are durable, waterproof, and come with a zipper enclosure for added security.

Pillow Protector

Pillow Shield – Antimicrobial 

This pillow shield offers complete peace of mind. The waterproof material and zipper encasement creates a barrier to keep out dirt, spills, stains, and/or allergens.

  • Antimicrobial material
  • 100% Poly shield
  • Waterproof
  • Zippered closure

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Antimicrobial Pillow Protectors T-180

With added cotton luxury, this pillow protector is ideal for settings where added comfort is essential. The special cotton and polyester blend and antimicrobial treatment protects your guests 100%.

  • Antimicrobial material
  • 55/45 cotton polyester blend
  • Zippered closure

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Pillow Shield Protector 

These pillow protectors provide a layer of breathable comfort for your guests. The pillow shield has all the key features necessary to offer guests a clean and protected pillow.

  • 100% Poly shield
  • Waterproof
  • Zippered closure

Make your guests feel safe and secure by adopting the motto - clean is the new green. The focus is on keeping the surfaces they touch most often clean and protected. Removable protectors are easy to clean, affordable to replace as well as a visible commitment to cleanliness.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us directly! Riegel / T-Y Group & Harbor Linen is the hospitality industry's one-stop-shop for the guest room and beyond.

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