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In December 2020, the WHO reported the first case of the new Delta variant. The new variant has been causing concern among scientists since it seems to spread far more rapidly than any of the previous variants.

The hospitality industry is no stranger to the impact of the current pandemic. Yet, this strain has gained particular attention due to its ability to spread within hotels, and quarantine facilities. While there are various steps the hotel industry can take to improve health and safety, in-room cleanliness seems to be a major player in fighting the spread.

Hotel Cleaning

Guide for Health and Safety

Guests’ safety is a major concern for the hotel industry. It is important to maintain cleanliness around high traffic areas as well as in the rooms. Items such as bedding protectors, air purifiers, and antimicrobial products can add a layer of defense against the spread.


The fact that this new variant spreads more readily than previous strains has heightened concerns. Especially for those who work within the health or hospitality industries.

5 Ways To Prevent The Spread Of Covid In Hotels And Hospitals

Keyless check in

1. Use remote check-in and keyless entry technology

Use modern technology and software to ensure guests’ safety. Remote check-in is now widely available. In addition, secure room locks that open with mobile app technology is becoming increasingly popular. This will help reduce the spread of viruses through shared surfaces.

2. Incorporate bedding protectors and wash after each use

Protectors add a layer of safety over mattresses, duvet inserts, blankets, and pillows. Filled products are difficult to wash, and should thus receive an extra layer of protection. Protectors on the other hand can handle regular laundering. Making it possible to ensure guests’ safety. 

duvet protectors

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3. Employ clean, minimalistic room decor

Using a clean and minimalist design for your rooms will help reduce the spread of the virus by making it easier to clean. A simple design with fewer decorations creates less surface area for the virus to attach to. Clean is the new green - your guests will appreciate quality crisp room decor and linen.

4. Train staff to minimize contact and spread

A program should be in place that trains staff on how to handle situations properly when a guest shows signs of illness or contamination. Staff should also learn not to make physical contact with guests or their belongings. They also need to know how to report incidents effectively so that it doesn’t spread further from the source.

Staff training

5. Use air purifiers and ionizers to keep the air clean

Air purifiers and ionizers can remove excess dust, dander, bacteria, viruses, and allergens from the air. They are a great addition to any hotel or hospital room as they help create a healthy clean environment for your guests and patients. This will also help lower the risk of airborne illnesses spreading when cleaning staff enter the rooms.

Working With Experts On Implementing New Safety Measures

Hotels and hospitals are not in this alone. Industry experts are ready to assist and advise on the best practices to implement. 1Concier is a specialist in hospitality and healthcare linen. Our standards are uncompromisable.

Deliver the highest quality of linen to hospitals and hotels is more important now than ever. We are also a major supplier of long-term care facilities. 1Concier is your trusted partner for all hotel and healthcare-related linen products.

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Bedding and Pillow Protectors Protect Hotel Guests

Bedding protectors are a great way to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. The bedding protectors use advanced technology to protect bedding. While this improves safety, it is still comfortable for guests and long-term care residents to sleep on.

Pillow Protectors

1Concier has developed a range of protective bedding products in response to the heightened health requirements during the pandemic.

Our protectors all include:

  1. Cotton/Poly pillow and duvet protectors with antimicrobial properties

  2. 100% Waterproof pillow and duvet protectors, part of our Shield Collection. Shield protectors also have antimicrobial properties.

Both collections feature a zippered closure for added safety while the duvet & blanket covers have loops and ties that will secure to the duvet/blanket.

In addition, all of our protectors have been designed for institutional use and have been tested in a cycle of 100 washes.

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The combination of these factors make our products safer for guests and patients. While at the same time making them comfortable to sleep on. Incorporate quality and durable linen  with pillow protectors, mattress protectors, and cover protectors to ensure your guests' safety. 

A full range of protective bedding products is available from 1Concier. Leading supplier of hotel and healthcare linen. For more information, please visit our online store or request a consultation.

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