4 Top Design Trends In Long-term Care Facilities

4 Top Design Trends In Long-term Care Facilities

Trends | 9/8/2021

Long-term care facilities are on a fast track to change traditional design concepts. Baby boomers are actively entering into retirement and driving the change to a more home-like experience. Already many of these facilities are incorporating design trends seen in other industries, such as hospitality.

When considering the interior design of a long-term care facility, the most important factors are the needs of residents, staff, and their families - as well as quality and durability.

While design trends are continually changing, there are a few concepts that when incorporated will improve the experience for all.

1. Creating a home-like experience

Creating a home-like environment in long-term care facilities is becoming increasingly important in the design process. A clinical environment can negatively affect residents. A space that is familiar and welcoming fosters socialization, participation, and an overall sense of harmony by residents.

A home-like setting can be created by incorporating the right colors, bedding, and comforters. Choosing a soft color palette for these items can also create a sense of calm in long-term care facilities. Our One by 1Concier collection seen here showcases soft and inviting colors your residents will love.

One by 1Concier Long-Term Care collection

2. Balance style with function and quality

Function and quality should be at the top of any long-term care facility’s priorities. When choosing linen, apparel, and comforters, the focus shouldn't only be on style. Choosing more durable and functional items will mean fewer replacements. Savings can then be used to improve the lifestyle of residents.

Care facilities always need to keep a high degree of cleanliness, so the linen and clothing you choose will need to be laundered regularly. Investing in quality items that will withstand daily cleaning is essential.

DRY IQ Shield Incontinence Pad

In addition, quality incontinence products are critical for patient dignity and comfort. Incontinence products are important for more than just protecting bedding and mattresses. The best underpad should be engineered to protect residents with features like quick-dry technology and superior construction like our DRY IQ Shield.

Free sample

3. Introduce hospitality design concepts

There has been a movement in recent years to make long-term care facilities look less institutional. Thus, some long-term and assisted care facilities are applying the design sensibility of hospitality to their operations.

It is not difficult to implement many of these innovations. For instance, maintain a crisp appearance by switching from traditional linen to easy care and wrinkle resistant microfiber.

Our Soft Wear Plus microfiber collection uses less water in washing and dries faster, making it economical and environmentally friendly.

Soft Wear Plus LInen

Moreover, the addition of in-room quilted bedspreads in trendy colors like our Link Collection offer a sensory experience. Small changes can make you feel like you're in a five-star hotel.

4. Consider colors and patterns

When choosing design elements for long-term care facilities, few consider how these can affect the health and happiness of residents. Designers should keep in mind that colors and patterns are not only used for d├ęcor, but can also be used in clothing, bedding, and patient apparel.

Colors with soft hues can add a calming effect, while bolder shades can add a playful feel. We must think about design in terms of creating an environment that positively impacts the lives of residents. When we created the designs and patterns for our One by 1Concier patient apparel we designed with these color concepts in mind.

Free sample

Long-term care facilities can be designed in a way that enhances the overall experience. When these four design principles are incorporated, we can create a healthy and welcoming space for our senior residents and their families.

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