Restaurants Trends That You Can Incorporate with Simple Table Linen Updates

Restaurants Trends That You Can Incorporate with Simple Table Linen Updates

Trends | 9/23/2021

Restaurant trends are constantly changing. Yet, table linens and napkins will always be defining decor items in restaurants. They add a certain elegance to a meal, assist in the presentation, and serve your guests.

When purchasing table linens, a restaurateur should consider how it will improve the overall experience. Taking current trends into consideration is thus essential. Your table linens are in essence a reflection of your service.

In this article, we offer three expert tips to consider when updating your table linens in 2021.

1. Modern Farmhouse Decor

The modern farmhouse trend is still going strong. Over the last few years, people have craved a return to simplicity and nostalgia in both presentation and décor. This looks can offer your restaurant a southern comfort flair that your guests will love.

To best practice this rustic style opt for napkins with stripes as this has become the embodiment in table linen of that farmhouse style.

Styles like the Bistro napkins give that crisp white with striples of color. This allows for that clean feeling while still offering individuality.

Cotton Bistro Napkin

With the absolute best performance of any stripe bistro napkin on the market, our 100% Cotton bistro napkins are a bold addition to any dining experience. Our 100% Polyester Bistro Stripe Napkins are also a great option with great color retention, absorption, and a more detailed stripe design from the traditional 3 stripe styles.

Denim is synonymous with the countryside and farmhouse feel. Incorporate it in your aprons and napkins with our Craft Collection.

Denim Table linen

Free sample

2. Sustainability

Sustainability is all about managing the impact on the environment, your budget and your local community. And when it comes to table linens, it definitely matters. The benefits of paying close attention to sustainability trends are many. It can actually be more economical, increase their reputation and make a difference in the world.

Did you know that you can include napkins and table linens made from recycled plastic bottles in your decor? Sustainability in the restaurant industry has never been easier to achieve.

Rienu - Eco-friendly Polyester Table Linens

Recycled plastic bottles now give you a soft and durable fabric. In fact, 1 Rienu napkin eliminates 3 plastic bottles from landfills in America.

ColorGUARD - Technology that extends your table linens life

One issue in the restaurant industry is color variation. If a bundle of Ivory restaurant napkins looks like a rainbow of colors from yellow to orange to peach - it’s straight to the bin.


Now, that problem has been eliminated. ColorGUARD means your linen colors last longer and need less replacing.

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3. Seasonality

Restaurant decor trends provide the opportunity to incorporate a season color palette into your restaurant’s décor. These can include warm colors during the cold winter months and cooler colors in spring.

Not only does this update your look, but it also gives your clients a feeling of newness. Using a commercial laundry service means restaurants can “rent” table linens and change up your look as the seasons and trends change. Using a linen service also means you don’t have to worry about maintaining inventory or laundering.

Top Tip: Choose a restaurant linen service with a collection of linen colors. This will give you the flexibility to change based on your chosen season color palette. At 1Concier, our Premier table linens come in a variety of colors, fabrics and designs. Reach out to your linen service about requesting our Premier collection.


The table linen industry has evolved to provide dining establishments with a range of options to suit the needs of their customers. A restaurant’s reputation is often reflected by the quality and presentation of their linens. By staying informed on trends in the industry, you can be sure that your restaurant looks clean, trendy, and inviting.

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