5 Products That Make Long-Term Resident Spaces Feel like Home

5 Products That Make Long-Term Resident Spaces Feel like Home

Trends | 3/17/2023

Long-term care facilities are becoming more home-like now as the population of adults 60 and over is reaching an all-time high.

When contemplating the interior design of a long-term care facility, key factors to prioritize include the requirements of residents and their families, operations of healthcare staff, and the quality and durability of essential products.

The following list highlights five fantastic choices that long-term care facilities should consider. Utilizing healthcare products from 1Concier ensures that your facility provides residents with home-like comfort.

Simple Upgrades = Big Changes

1Concier’s fresh and contemporary healthcare products will remind them of items they may have in their home. Long-term care facilities CAN embrace home-style design sensibility with modern patterns and colors.



Our new cozy Plush Blanket adds a touch of richness that your residents will love. Plush will wrap you in warmth while complementing the look of the room with a soft Plush feel coupled with a luxurious silky texture.

       ➤ Crafted for durability

       ➤ Easy care

       ➤ Colorfast

       ➤ 100% polyester


Comfort Spread

The Comfort Spread is a comfortable, heavy-duty bedspread blanket manufactured in an attractive square on square pattern. They are available in Periwinkle Blue, Raspberry, and Teal.

       ➤ 55/45 cotton/polyester

       ➤ No snag

       ➤ Assorted color



The Diamond Bedspread

The Diamond Bedspread combines style, durability, and value perfectly. It is available as a lightweight quilt or a throw style in Slate, Navy, and Stone to keep your residents comfortable and warm.

       ➤ Quick drying

       ➤ Durable

      ➤ Wrinkle resistant

      ➤ 100% polyester


Sophisticate bedspread's

The Sophisticate bedspread's elegant design and luxurious look is engineered to withstand repeated washings while looking new every time.

      ➤ Healthcare cap fitted

      ➤ Durable

      ➤ Resists fading & pilling

      ➤ 100% polyester

Link Bedspread

The Link Bedspread establishes a fashionable and sensory connection through its combination of visual and tactile textures. One side is quilted in a dynamic ring stitched pattern, while the other is ultra-soft velvet that conveys the feel of pure luxury to your residents. These beautiful bedspreads come in the neutral and jewel colors of Slate, Navy, Seafoam, Stone, Burgundy, and Hunter Green.


      ➤ 72x111 cap fitted

      ➤ 100% polyester



Sleep Blueprint New Generation® Pillow

The Sleep Blueprint New Generation® Pillow provides the highest quality, most "down-like" pillow available. It features a high thread count ticking, which resists stains and ensures a long service life.

       ➤ Non-allergenic microfiber fill

       ➤ T-233 cover



Fossfill Pillow

Fossfill Pillow is our quality healthcare pillow that comes in a standard size 20x26 with a full 20 oz. fill with wipe clean ticking. It is designed to be firmer for easier positioning.

       ➤ Waterproof

       ➤ Stain resistant

       ➤ Fire retardant

       ➤ Non-allergenic

       ➤ Anti-microbial


Comfortex Pillow

A full 20 ozs. of polyester fill encased by a softer, quieter nylon cover. Brass grommets let this pillow breath and stay full. May be wiped off with disinfectant.

       ➤ Breathable

       ➤ Stain and fluid resistant

       ➤ Fire retardant

       ➤ Non-allergenic and anti-microbial

       ➤ Anti-static

       ➤ Wipeable



With 18 ozs. polyfill and microvent soft ticking, your residents comfort is assured. May be wiped off with disinfectant.

       ➤ Vinyl tickin

       ➤ Stain and fluid resistant

       ➤ Fire retardant

       ➤ Non-allergenic and anti-microbial

       ➤ Anti-static


Ultra Soft

The Ultra Soft Towel Collection features superior ring spun Cotton loops with a blended construction, providing enhanced softness and durability. This collection is available in white and beige.

       ➤ 90/10 Cotton/Poly blend

       ➤ Quicker Dry




A premium blend towel that is economically friendly.Made for durability and institutional laundering with a 16 single construction.

       ➤ 86/14 cotton/polyester blend

       ➤ 3-cam border

       ➤ Durable



An Institutional collection made of 100% cotton.This terry product delivers exceptional durability, value, and performance. Available in a wide selection of sizes and weights to accommodate any budget.

       ➤ Economical

       ➤ 100% cotton

       ➤ Durable

Incontinence Products


'DRY IQ SHIELD' is the newest, most efficient incontinence pad available on the market. Offering dry touch technology and superior wicking, residents feel dryer with less skin shearing than traditional pads. Bonded construction eliminates bunching of the barrier, preventing pressure points.

       ➤ Dry touch technology

       ➤ Superior wicking

       ➤ Stain resistant

       ➤ Reduces skin shearing



Call 1Concier to Redefine Long-Term Care Living

Our elegant ensembles create an attractive, comfortable, healing environment for residents. Working with the colors and patterns of your choice, 1Concier offers quality, innovative products that meet the demands of the healthcare industry. At 1Concier, we will always have you covered. Visit us at www.1Concier.com, and we will redefine your expectations of long-term healthcare.


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