How 1Concier's Customer Service Can Make Your Life Easier

How 1Concier's Customer Service Can Make Your Life Easier

Trends | 5/4/2023

As a leader in the textile industry for hospitality, healthcare, and commercial laundry, 1Concier is committed to providing exceptional customer service. 1Concier has been delivering textile expertise to hotels, resorts, casinos, healthcare facilities, and commercial laundries since 1838. We sell high-quality products including sheets, terry, pool towels, basic bedding, blankets, and table linen. 

We are committed to providing world-class customer service by understanding our customers’ goals, needs, and priorities. We offer strategic expertise to optimize program efficiency, communicate thoroughly and responsively, and guarantee that our fulfillment team manages orders to our customers’ personal standards.

Our Account Executives travel to properties to meet customers in person, do a walk-through of the property, provide product recommendations, conduct regular business reviews, and provide a formal quote. Our Customer Success Team enters orders, makes changes to existing orders, and provides order status updates.  Together, they work hand-in-hand to provide exceptional service to each of their individual properties.

Our team of experts are highly trained and can help customers identify areas where they can enhance their programs to reduce costs and improve efficiency. We work closely with our customers to understand their specific needs and develop customized solutions that are tailored to their unique requirements.

We are trusted by brands such as Margaritaville, Ritz Carlton, Kalahari, Virgin, Equinox, Intercontinental, and partnerships with Highgate, Avendra, Aimbridge, and Benchmark. By collaborating closely with our Customer Success Team and our Account Executives, we are able to provide personalized service and ensure that every customer feels valued and supported.

1Concier also prioritizes communication and responsiveness. We understand that our customers’ needs can change quickly, and we pride ourselves on being able to adapt to these changes seamlessly and effectively. We communicate frequently with our customers to ensure that they are always up to date on the status of their orders and that any issues are addressed promptly.

We guarantee that our fulfillment team manages our customers' orders to their personal standards. We understand that our customers have specific requirements for the textiles they use, and we work closely with them so that their orders are fulfilled to their exact specifications. We have rigorous quality control measures in place so that every order meets our customers’ standards.  By doing so, we are able to provide our customers with the highest level of service and support in the industry.

1Concier brings five-star service right to your fingertips. Get in touch with our team and start exceeding expectations today. 


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