How do you engineer a fabric with the best ingredients to slow the aging process?

This is a question that has plagued the linen rental industry for years. That is why Riegel has invested time and effort into seeing through a solution to fix this problem. And it starts with the fabric formation process.

When table linen is said to be Murata Air Jet Spun (MJS), it means the warp and filling yarns used in the weaving process were spun with a wrapper configuration that results in a tightly constructed yarn. Other spinning technologies won’t produce that tight construction which is essential to the prevention of pilling and fiber deterioration.

Contact us today and let colorGUARD technology™ protect the life of your linen.



colorGUARD technology™ is a proprietary manufacturing process performed prior to fabric formation which makes the color part of the DNA of the fabric. Get in touch with us today and a representative can demonstrate this process and results.

Ivory is one of the most complex colors to create. Some of the dyes used are highly sensitive to residual sodium hydroxide and bleach when exposed to heat. A bundle of ivory can look like a rainbow of colors from yellow to orange to peach. That’s we have spent countless time and money on R&D to help mitigate this issue.


As linen less tables continut to become more popular, so has the demand for stylish bistro stripe designs. These products are engineered with a variety of dark stripes on a white ground fabric, making them challenging to process. Our bistros are created with the highest quality ingredients so the stripes do not fade or bleed.



Sandalwood shade consistency has always been a challenge. This is because the dye combinations used to create this shade are highly sensitive to residual bleach when ironed. Our new Tawny made with colorGUARD technology™ can retain it’s original color through the linen life cycle.

The Craft Collection, our FOH collection of aprons and napkins, is also engineered with colorGUARD technology™. The denim inspired line looks great on your staff while also holding up against repeated washings.