Triple Sheeting - How Hotels Make Beds with 3 Sheets

Triple Sheeting - How Hotels Make Beds with 3 Sheets

Trends | 9/2/2021

This triple sheeting technique is used by most hotels for its simplicity, and practicality. With it, every new guest gets a clean, crisp bed. The triple sheeting technique gives hotel beds a polished, finished look and saves housekeeping time and cost which we will explain below.

Clean hotel bed

What is Triple Sheeting?

Triple sheeting or 3-layer bed making involves 4 components: a fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet (under layer), 1 blanket (with a blanket protector), and lastly another flat sheet (top layer)

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When you triple-layer a bed you have one fitted sheet on the mattress, then a flat sheet, a blanket with its blanket protector for added protection, and lastly another flat sheet that we can refer to as the top sheet. Typically this flat sheet will have a design like a stripe or jacquard.

While triple sheeting may seem complicated at first, it is actually a very simple technique. Learn how to make a bed professionally with triple sheeting in 7 easy steps!

Benefits of Triple Sheeting

1. Clean and Crisp Bed

It makes for a cleaner, fresher-looking bed. The fitted sheet pulls up tight around the corners of the mattress, which holds the top layer in place. The bottom blanket layer then tucks in between the mattress and the fitted sheet, holding in place. This results in clean corners around all four sides of the bed.

Hotel laundering

In addition, sheets are easier to clean and thus can be washed more often. A necessity in present times. Check out our previous post on how to keep hotel bedding, pillows & mattresses clean and protected.

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2. Time and Cost Savings

It takes less time to make a bed using triple sheeting. Most hotel staff will confirm that triple sheeting is easier and faster than replacing duvet covers. Triple sheeting is in fact three times faster than traditional methods.

3. Flexibility in Style

With the 3 sheet method, you can change up your style by replacing the top layer only. This means that you don't have to spend money on an entirely new duvet cover. Add a trendy bed scarf to your new top sheet for that luxury look.

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What You Need To Triple Sheet Your Bed


For an efficient and clean pandemic-approved turnover, you will need the following items:

How to Make Hotel Beds with 3 Sheets (Triple Sheeting Method)

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1. Build A Foundation (Fitted Sheet)

This layer is the base of your perfectly made bed. It needs to be wrinkle-free and secure. Whichever method you choose, flat or fitted, make sure it is secure. Nothing worse than edges coming loose on a bed.

Fitted Sheet Corner

2. Add First Layer (Flat Sheet) 

This is the layer that your guests will cover themselves with. It’s important to make sure it is comfortable and of the highest quality.

Start by aligning the top of the flat sheet with the top of the mattress. Make sure the sheet is smoothed and even on the sides before continuing.

3. Add Inner Layer (Blanket)

Over the blanket sheet, place your comforter or blanket which should also have blanket protector. To read more on the importance of protectors in your bedding click here. Leave a six inches gap between the top of the mattress and the top of the comforter.

4. Add Top Layer (Cover Flat Sheet)

Next, cover the blanket with the top flat sheet. Make sure that it now aligns with the top of the mattress again. All that’s left to do is fold, tuck and decorate.

5. Fold for a Finished Look

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Start by folding the top of the sheets back from where the comforter starts. Here you’re only folding back the ends of the sheets, not the blanket.

Then, make another fold of around 15 cm. Both the sheets and blanket fold this time. Therefore, the blanket is folded only once, while the sheets are folded twice. The blanket will be fully encapsulated, giving it a perfect "turned down" appearance.

6. Tuck It All In

Under the foot of the mattress, tuck in both flat sheets as well as the blanket. At the sides of the foot, the hanging fabric will have formed a U-shape. Tuck this neatly into the bed by turning it back along the length of the bed. By pulling it towards the headboard and tucking at the same time, it will stretch out any final creases.

7. Add The Pillows

Finally, add your pillows. Give your bedrooms that finished look with quality pillows protected from stains and odors. To protect your mattress and pillow investments, we recommend using antimicrobial mattress encasement and pillow protectors.

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This added line of defense will keep out viruses, bacteria, molds, fungi, mildew, allergens, bed bugs, and pet dander.

Triple sheeting will revolutionize your housekeeping and room presentation. Whenever you need any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact 1Concier directly! As the hospitality industry's leader for the guest room and hospitality linen, we’re ready to help.

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