1Concier: Born to Redefine Expectations

1Concier: Born to Redefine Expectations

Trends | 10/31/2022

Formed by the merger of three industry leaders (Riegel Linen, T-Y Group & Harbor Linen), 1Concier is creating a new normal in the hospitality, healthcare, and commercial laundries industries by redefining expectations.  With the combined expertise of over a century in textiles manufacturing, 1Concier is truly in touch with how your guests feel. We deliver quality products, optimized inventory, and value no one can match in a one-stop-shop for your linen solutions.


What Sets 1Concier Apart 

By merging three industry-leading textile providers, 1Concier’s business fabric is constructed of recognized experts that provide leadership and an innovative approach to product and service development. Since 1838, we have been trusted for our collective industry expertise, quality innovative products, hands-on customer service, and optimized inventory system. 

Product Innovation

1Concier focuses on product solutions that offer durability, sustainability, and aesthetic, engineered specifically for commercial use. Our in-house proprietary textile experts are committed to innovation and only the best in quality, while meeting ISO, WRAP and BSCI requirements, social compliance, and environmental responsibility. All testing is performed by Bureau Veritas.


Products Engineered to Perfection

With trusted linen solutions engineered for client satisfaction, the quality of our products meets and exceeds the needs of the hospitality, healthcare, and commercial laundry industries.

Our innovative technologies improve operational efficiencies due to durability, ease of care, and proprietary advanced solutions. 

World Class Support

You receive triple the expertise from industry leaders who are now united as 1Concier. Our teams literally work around the clock to exceed expectations, optimize your operations, and improve customer satisfaction. We develop an individualized implementation plan with checks and balances to ensure our program helps every client achieve their business objectives.


Optimized Inventory

We use leading inventory management solutions to help plan and allocate inventory exactly where our clients need it. Tested contingency planning with real-time production adjustments is the norm for every client. 

Logistical Excellence

We also partner with industry-leading logistics experts to deliver the highest level of service, timely delivery, and optimized value. Our logistics are tailored to the needs of each unique property. We partner with every client to form the most efficient process to enhance their daily operations.

Next Level Service

Our sales and customer service teams provide quick response to your requests, real-time monitoring of orders, and on-time deliveries of shipments. Using our consultative approach and industry expertise, we'll guide you through the available product options or design custom solutions specific to your needs. 1Concier believes our customers come first and we want to exceed their expectations with every purchase. 


Five-star service is at your fingertips when 1Concier is your strategic business partner.  At 1Concier, you can always count on us to have you covered. To learn more about our huge inventory of products, please visit 1Concier.com or click the buttom below.


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